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Shipping Notes

To find Good Service Provider


Probably one of the most crucial decisions that you will ever make in terms of your business is to find a reliable service provider.. “Who is a service provider and why do we need one”?? There are several service providers in an import process and depending on our business and …

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Consignor and Consignee


WHO ARE THE CONSIGNOR AND CONSIGNEE? When shipping freight, the consignor is the sender and the consignee is the recipient. So, why not just refer to the parties as the shipper and recipient? Because you ship cargo on consignment. The owner of the cargo consigns it to the consignee. Ownership …

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How to reduce the cost in Consolidate freight


HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO CONSOLIDATE FREIGHT? Regardless of whether you’re shipping domestically or internationally,  The  3PL – freight is automatically consolidated with other shipments that are moving along the same lane or are headed in the same direction. By placing more shipments on fewer trucks, we are able …

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To note the actual piece count for Shipment


 If you have 24 boxes on 1 skid, and the BOL only says “1 skid”, your customer may receive “1 skid” and sign that it was accepted with no problems, even if the skid only contained 23 boxes upon delivery. Although the driver may not enjoy counting each piece of …

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