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Sunday , April 21 2019
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To find Good Service Provider


Probably one of the most crucial decisions that you will ever make in terms of your business is to find a reliable service provider..
“Who is a service provider and why do we need one”??
There are several service providers in an import process and depending on our business and terms of our business, we may have to appoint one or more of the service providers..
There are 5 key service providers that an importer may use for their import shipment..   the list of service providers and their role and also whether their requirement is mandatory or not..

Shipping Line (Carrier)  and their Role is

Service provider used to physically move your cargo, usually from Port of Load to Port of Discharge but may also get involved in movement from door to door..

Mandatory – may be appointed by buyer or seller or their agents depending on the terms of sale (Inco terms) agreed upon

Fresa Technologies

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