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Saturday , July 21 2018

Properly packaged and protected


Ensure that a product is properly packaged and protected in such a manner that it withstands the rigors of commercial transport. Paying a little bit more for packaging or crating will save in the long run by minimizing or eliminating claims and loss sales due to damaged product. Custom shrink …

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PALLET   Top and bottom deck More in demand Typical size 48” x 40’’ More Stable More friction (Harder to drag)   More convenient for racking ,  Can carry up to one ton, Easily hauled by a forklift truck SKID No bottom deck Less friction (easier to drag) The oldest type …

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20ft New High Cube Shipping Container


New ‘One Trip’ 20ft High Cube Shipping Container Shipping containers are 8ft 6″ high as standard. High cube shipping containers are 9ft 6″ – which can be handy when the standard height just isn’t quite enough. 20ft High Cube Containers are therefore 20ft long x 8ft wide x 9ft 6″ …

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Shipping Container Structure


Shipping Container Structure Containers are designed to carry cargo. They are designed to be lifted vertically from above by cranes and transferred from ship to shore and between other forms of transport such as trains and lorries. Therefore they need to have strength in the top corners where they are …

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Container Details Contd:


Shipping Container Weights (Tare Weight, Gross Weight and Payload) There are three relevant weights, the Tare Weight, the Gross Weight and the Payload. These are painted onto the outside of the container doors when it is in shipping service or before it has been repainted for another application. The Container …

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Shipping Container Dimensions


Shipping Container Dimensions Standard Shipping Container Dimensions Container Type External Length Internal Length External Height Internal Height External Width Internal Width 20ft Shipping Container 20ft (6.09m) 19ft 9 inches (6.01m) 8ft 6 inches (2.59m)  7ft 10 inches (2.39m) 8ft (2.44m)  7ft 10 inches (2.34m) 40ft Shipping Container 40ft (12.18m) 39ft …

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Shipping Mark Guide


Shipping Mark Guide In the big business of shipping it is obviously extremely important for those handling cargo to be able to identify what they are dealing with and to take the appropriate measures necessary to ensure safety and ease of transport. In order to make certain that the handlers …

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good Shipping Insurance?


Where do I go for good Shipping Insurance? You can begin by approaching a general-purpose insurance company to get a quote. However, marine freight insurance is a specialist area and it may be wise to seek an expert marine broker registered with Lloyds. Alternatively, bear in mind that your freight …

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