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Tuesday , June 19 2018

To find Good Service Provider


Probably one of the most crucial decisions that you will ever make in terms of your business is to find a reliable service provider.. “Who is a service provider and why do we need one”?? There are several service providers in an import process and depending on our business and …

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Freight Liability?

  WHAT IS FREIGHT LIABILITY? Every freight shipment that you book comes with limited liability coverage. The amount of coverage is determined by the carrier and dependent on the commodity type. The limited coverage covers a certain dollar amount per pound of freight, which may offer less coverage than the …

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Consignor and Consignee


WHO ARE THE CONSIGNOR AND CONSIGNEE? When shipping freight, the consignor is the sender and the consignee is the recipient. So, why not just refer to the parties as the shipper and recipient? Because you ship cargo on consignment. The owner of the cargo consigns it to the consignee. Ownership …

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  WHAT IS FIRSTMILE SERVICE? FirstMile service involves the transportation of goods by a courier service to an end customer, but with additional steps in between. These steps may be dismantling and packaging, inside pickup, stair carries, lift gate equipment, and manual labor to lift and carry. IS FIRSTMILE SERVICE …

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WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PARCEL AND FREIGHT? Parcel shipping is limited to packages that weigh under 150 lb and fit inside a USPS delivery truck. Unlike parcel shipping, freight shipping comes with no weight or size limitations. Freight was born ready for large shipments. Once used almost exclusively by consumers and …

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Emergency Bunker Surcharge – EBS vs BAF


Emergency Bunker Surcharge – is it really an emergency..?? Bunker is simply nothing but FUEL (oil) used in ships BAF (Bunker Adjustment Factor) is a surcharge charged by the shipping line to counter the fluctuations in oil prices The term BAF may be a foreign term to some customers in …

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CFR : Cost and Freight


CFR Incoterms – Cost and Freight (named port of destination) Under this arrangement (previously known as C&F) the seller must pay the costs and freight to get the goods to their destination port, at which point delivery is achieved (but it is not the seller’s job to clear them through …

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FOB – Free on Board


FOB Incoterms – Free on Board (named port of shipment) Be wary of the misleading nature of this common phrase and how it is often misused. It is to be used only for exclusively water transportation. Do not use it for road/rail/sea multimodal container transportation – use FCA instead. In FOB, …

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